DIST12 - CD Album

Three years in the making, this self-titled long player could be described as d_rradio's opus maximus. Their Static Caravan debut 'U_nderscore', set the bar dangerously high, gaining a solid reputation as a diamond in the rough among IDM and post-rock fans alike. Following on from a flurry of 7" action on Distraction, the UK trio of dreamers present ten diverse tracks which boldly declare their eclectic vision and align to form a uniquely unified sound. This is a wholly different record to those previously released by d_rradio, leaving behind the tranquility for an adrenaline jab of sparkling, kinetic vibrancy and fluent rhythms.

With influences coming from right across the spectrum d_rradio have nailed this record with a heartfelt love of music of all genres as well as their desire to make a sound that is new. The result is something which feels comforting and familiar, but is completely their own creation. Elements and rhythms of every musical style fleetingly reveal themselves amid the textured wash of pristine electronic noise and d_rradio's melodic, yet often seemingly child-like instrumentation. Up, up and away...