Eschewing the routine trappings of "tunes" and "melodies" in favour of drone and a strong cinematic sensibility, Jazzfinger bring to you their own unique brand of visual and aural exorcism. They start noisily. They incessantly build layers of white noise onto of layers of unwieldy dissonance. They recreate an auditory Armageddon with amps. They end noisily. They also unleashed 600 live crickets onto the audience at a gig once. They have dozens and dozens of LPs, tapes, CDRs and lathe cuts out on a multitude of DIY labels, and they've finally released a 100-only double-A side - Beachy Head / Moccocan Car Park (D. Harwood remix) (DIST23) on our humble little label. Ladies and gentlemen: Jazzfinger.

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Beachy Head / Moroccan Car Park (D. Harwood remix) (DIST23)