The Big Oaks The Big Oaks
Alienation, confusion, anger, loneliness, and (especially) belligerent humour.
cathode Cathode
Crisp, warm, minimalist exquisite luminous organic chamber electronics.
d_rradio d_rradio
An absurd mix of the most joyous moments in your favourite late-night records and yet sound simultaneously like nothing else.
Dressed In Wires Dressed In Wires
Laptronica, Post-Gabba, Blip-Hop, Glitch-Hop, Chip-Hop, 8-bitronica, Wreckstep, Kronk, Bootmash, Breakcunt, Dub-Bass Splattercore, Harsh Clunge, Fuckstep, Thugstep, Powerpop, Noisewhore, and Wrongtronica, not in any order.
Jazzfinger Jazzfinger
They start noisily. They incessantly build layers of white noise onto of layers of unwieldy dissonance. They recreate an auditory Armageddon with amps. They end noisily.
Lachrymose One Lachrymose One
Pop melodies, attention-demanding dual vocals plus the requisite amount of off kilter changes and guitar noise.
Moira Stewart Moira Stewart
Very simplistic, upbeat, fun, shambolic electro/guitar pop.
Mushi Mushi Mushi Mushi
A swarm of very unhappy bumblebees and a mad old analogue computer having a fight with a drummer.
Necro Deathmort
"The aural equivalent of Satan's own crystallized jizzum."
The Retail Sectors The Retail Sectors
Guitar-driven melodic elements, building in intricacy and volume until the immaculate devastation of the drums kick in, taking off on a flight into a vast sky of loneliness.
Sansava Sansava
Simple, uplifting, beautiful harmonies interspersed with blissed out ambient drone, built from gentle gushes, subtle chord progressions and extremely minimalist percussion.
See My Sound See My Sound
A hypnotic whirlpool of affected guitars, anchored by an undertow of dubby bass and pounding drums.
Summer Night Air Summer Night Air
Minimal drones with a sense of naivety and innocence that's so beautiful it could ooze out of your hi-fi speakers and drip onto your carpet.
Tempelhof Tempelhof
Lush, downtempo beauty; downpours of cymbal-like hiss and mournful keys, shuffling beats, low, impassioned vocals, and dynamic crashing rhythms and mechanical shifts and slices.
Warm Digits Warm Digits
Ear-troubling krautrock rhythm 'n' noise, free improv drumming, no-wave guitar and Radiophonic electronics with a disseminating Sturm und Drang.