Necro Deathmort
This Beat Is Necrotronic
DIST19 - CD Album / digital download


Necro Deathmort (Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson) raise their ignoble heads on their first proper release This Beat Is Necrotronic on Distraction Records. Running the full gambit from jittering, skuttering brutal electronics, Earth-style drones (back when they had balls), creamy hiss, turntablist noise pedal effect antics, crushing guitars, elegant ballroom atmospherics, to full-on balls-out full decaying post-apocalyptic doom, this combines analogue and digital noise to devastating effect. The aural equivalent of Satan's own crystallized jizzum, this is the doom's answer to Entroducing.

The most accomplished 'noise' release on Distraction yet, this comes in fantastic three-panel double sided packaging by the dudes at Thumbprint Press and utterly superb artwork by Dominic Hailstone (Mogwai 'Batcat' and Isis 'Holy Tears' videos; Aphex Twin 'Come To Daddy' creature effects).



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