Mushi Mushi
Sequins Save Lives
DIST18 - CD Album / digital download

At very long last, 2009 sees the debut album from Tyneside's premier bleep-und-fuzz-und-skreal! combo. 13 morsels of prime whoomp, all lo-fi cranks and cronks, clocking in at just of half-an-hour of utter popnoise brilliance. Mushi Mushi have long been regarded as one of the North-East's best live bands and their album is testament to their perfectionism and dedication to making their recorded output just as kickass on compact disc as it is live. And - believe us - it's well worth the wait. This is the record that demonstrates just how placid and backwards looking the current crop of Ed Banging fashionista electroclash-lite dweebs really are. The perfect soundtrack to your attention deficit disco.