The Big Black Cock Of Death EP
12" picture disc

The debut vinyl release from Yorkshire's favourite laptop spazcore mentalist, Dressed In Wires.

Track one, The Breeders, is akin to Coil pummelling Nine Inch Nails in a razorblade scuffle, with Kid606 refereeing the mêlée. Number two, Proposed Theme Tune #4 For “Let’s Hunt And Kill Billy Ray Cyrus” shows Simondo showcase his soft underbelly, as sample-plundering chaos and toy town hooklines go head-to-head. Things get more serious – but not that much – for That Rarest Of Beasts; Hey Parabola, Crack Chikin/Nex Nine Times For Sunshine!; the DiW digital hiphop tour de force.

On the flip, Hiroshima Was A Shithole Anyway is a mighty, mighty array of noisewhore breakmash and dub-bass splattercore, but the last cut is the deepest as Blood Touching Glass takes wanton carcrash-soundtrack harshness to new extremes. Parties can’t cope without it. You know that party you had, the other day, without it? Sorry, but it was rubbish.


Video by Retina Glitch