Necro Deathmort
The Colonial Script

DIST25 - six-panel digipak CD / digital download


The plaudits continue for London duo Necro Deathmort.  After quietly unleashing first album This Beat is Necrotronic onto an unsuspecting but appreciative world back in 2009, the pair released unanimously-praised Music of Bleak Origin in 2010, which saw them refine their doom-meets-heavy bass template to remarkable effect.  No wonder that they have supported UlverShining, and d.USK among others, added RoadburnSonarSupersonicAsymmetry to their ever-expanding festival list, and remixed the likes of Ulver and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).  And now AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik go one step darker into the abyss with undoubtedly their strongest, heaviest and most accomplished album yet: The Colonial Script.

It's all what you expect and then some.  Dingy, gritty sounds that creeps, lurks, builds, elongates, teases, and piledrives you in the face with switchblade beats and apocalyptic crescendos.  And that's just in the first tune.  Over the course of the nine tracks, you can expect to hear grainy, doomy ambience, whirlpools of 23hz low-end scuzz, acidburn waspsynth buzz, thudding and juddering feedback-ridden roars, distorted nihilistic yelps, doomscaping visceral breaks, buzzsawing smackstrung loops, all seamlessly weaved together in a brutal but beautiful tapestry. Maximum volume yields maximum results.

The Colonial Script is available on six-panel digipak and digital download with artwork by Thomas Neulinger.



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"Do these two hold down day jobs? If they do, I worry about people's mail or IT systems, or their food, whatever these guys do, they shouldn't work with people. This is a sound dreamt up on the darkest drives, in the most thunderous of moods. . . It's the misanthropy and stale breath creeping out the speakers, curling up in a swirl of acrid smoke. Necro Deathmort are not afraid to just push their evil upon you, unpleasant as that sounds.  Live i imagine this hurts, bathed in fog, this would be an equally terrifying sight to behold, both for fans of ridiculous noise and casual fans alike.  Approach with caution, real caution, this is the aural equivalent of an unsettling ouija board." Ninehertz

"Hard to resist, another one of those bands that we sort of always wished existed and now does. This is some dancefloor destroying heaviness, the sort of stuff that no proper DJ in their right mind would drop, but if they did, people would lose their shit. . . NdM are a seriously heavy outfit, trafficking in the sort of effects drenched programmed drum driven doom, that will have Nadja obsessives losing their minds. . . As always, WAY recommended! For folks into electronic music, heavy music, or obviously both, and like the other two records, a shoe in for end of year top ten lists, even though it's only May." aQuarius records

""woahhhh this Necro Deathmort album The Colonial Script is good... bass is prompting fiery visions & stomach twists. . . This Necro Deathmort LP is blasting into LT's top 10 of the year thus far like a pachyderm with a ballbag full of unstable kaboom. . . If the new UFOmammut LP & the new Necro Deathmort LP were to have a fight it'd be so damn heavy the earth would sink out of the solar system." the Quietus Twitter.

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