Mushi Mushi
In the Bleak Midwinter / Shuffle

DIST21 - digital download

The forlorn tree is up, the mince pies from the Morrisons reduced shelf are out, and Santa's due round later this month to provide you with a pitiful array of paisley socks and stuff that you wish that they'd kept the receipt for. And what better song to soundtrack it all than Mushi Mushi's In The Bleak Midwinter: two-and-a-half minutes of lovely festive hymn fuzz that's so goosepimple-inducing its like being out in the snow itself. At once morose but incredibly uplifting, the Mushis have done a fine job with this one. ITBM is backed (as much as you can "back" an mp3 release) with Shuffle - a sleek, smouldering exercise in analogue bass-driven synth warbling that places the emphasis firmly on dancing, not posing.


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